Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thirty-one Things

I’m excited to be taking an online class titled 31 Things from my friend Ali Edwards.  This writing exercise challenges me to take the time to write daily, for 31 days straight.  I look forward to growing from this experience, writing more frequently with less time to manicure each journal entry.  My goal is to remain disciplined, writing every day with raw, real time emotion in reaction to each topic.  This will be new for me, as I tend to over think and over analyze my thoughts when I write.  What a refreshing experience this will be! J

Day 1 | Jewelry
I believe jewelry to be the perfect form of expression.  While I’m not a fancy jewelry person, I am very particular about what I like.   Sometimes it’s just one fabulous piece of jewelry that makes the biggest statement.

Earrings. You will rarely find me not wearing them.  Most of the time I wear a pair of simple large hoops in gold or silver, these are the white t-shirt for me—they go with everything.    My small, silver diamond earrings are my causal, throw on a hat with no makeup pair while my gold and black chandeliers are my get gussied up and go out got to. 

Necklaces. I buy them but never wear them. They always look so much better on everyone else.

Rings. An engagement ring and wedding band reside on my left hand, an anniversary ring on my right. For the almost 12 years I’ve been married, I’ve only worn the 3 rings my husband gave me.  It could be my small stubby fingers that deter me, but it sounds much more romantic to say I keep these hands monogamous for Matt. 

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