About me

I started writing for them. I want to teach them something meaningful, I want to encourage and prepare them.  I didn't plan on what it would do for me, how often I would become the student.

At 26 years old and 3 years newly married, we thought we'd jump big.  After buying a large real estate company with an operation of over 75 people it became our entire existence.  Working over 60 hours a week in those first few years, I still refer to the company as our first baby.  There was so much to learn.

In the year 2007, at 30 years old, we welcomed our daughter Ava to the world.  Life would never be the same.  This is when my perspective started to change, where I began learning more from them than I sought out to teach.  This is the story of my experience on this journey, the memories and reflections of everyday life.