Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Change for All Seasons

Vibrant colors of crimson and gold fall to the ground, a pumpkin spice latte warms me on the crisp fall morning as we head out on our annual visit to Lone Pine Farms in search of the perfect pumpkin—these are the signs fall has arrived. The onset of fall brings a gift of comfort in routine and anticipation for the holidays ahead.

With each changing season, I am reminded of how quickly life moves us to new places. As we have busied ourselves through a quick three months, summer becomes a blur of distant memories filled with days enjoyed by the simple things in life.

Hindsight perspective continues to teach me familiar lessons about life. The journey of conceiving our second child was similar to the first, the conflict of intended plans up against divine intervention. You would think after only three years, I’d be prepared for the process. Anxious waiting each month and the illusion of time standing still--as if I have control over the miracle of creating life.

Summer brought us a gift we will carry into many seasons. We will be blessed with bringing a second child into the world April of 2011. The chatter of baby talk has filled our home. Ava’s anticipation of her role as big sister has taken on the importance of discovering world peace. Inquisitive and detailed, plans consume her little mind. Changing diapers are on her short list of responsibilities.

Although I’ve been blessed with one relatively easy pregnancy, if I’m being honest, being pregnant has never been a highlight for me in the past. This time around, it feels different. While I am also adjusting to the thought of parenting two children, I find myself enjoying most this experience through the eyes of a 3 year old.

Ava’s questions bring me joy and great challenge. “Mom, what is it doing RIGHT NOW? Can the baby eat that toast? Is the baby happy? How is it going to get out of your tummy?” Trying to convey adult content to a toddler is like communicating with a monkey. Often, a few hand gestures and a convincing nod work best.

When baby#2 arrives, Ava will be four. It is true, new memories become old ones quicker with each passing year. Until we get in neck deep, we don’t even notice. With each passing experience, time becomes more precious. This gives me the courage to do what I love and love what I do.